Our Approach

High-value representation and introduction

Linking Partners handles all of your support questions among the leading politicians and administrators in the Netherlands and the EU. At times as your advocate and spokesperson, at other times together with you as a client/initiator.

In cooperation with your staff, we furnish the necessary documentation, presentations and “position papers.” Form and content are tuned precisely to current political and administrative frequencies. To what is relevant at that moment. Our contribution includes an encompassing communication strategy. After all, you require an effective and consistent signal.

Moreover, we train and support your staff in the field of governmental communications.

Linking Partners services

  • Analysis: the identification of those elements relevant to politics and policy
  • Identification of relevant stakeholders, introduction and guidance
  • Monitoring and support of ensuing activities with detailed contact reports
  • Designated representation
  • Development of supporting project documentation. Content, but also design, conceivably with your organisation/corporate identity.
  • Organisation of presentations and meetings
  • With our main-office nearby the Dutch Houses of Parliament) contact is always direct, quick and – most of all: personal!

The Hague – Brussels